What we believe

Beauty matters in our understanding of who God is. We live in a visual culture.

Everyone makes images and we are shaped by what we see. We value bringing this visual reality to a faith-based context. We believe in the divine inspiration, trustworthiness and authority of the Bible—and we bring this into everything we make and do.

Kalos is the word for beauty in the original Greek; it literally means beautiful as a sign of inward goodness.

This means beauty isn’t just an aesthetic—it’s a way of going through the world. To live beautifully is to live a life that contributes to human flourishing—in our work, in our relationships, in our communities.

An exploration of creativity, beauty, and faith.

What we do

We explore the intersection of creativity, beauty, and faith. The only way to experience God through creativity is to make things—so that’s what we do. We make because God makes, and it is good.

Our vision is to see all of humanity experience God as good and beautiful.

The Bible Beautiful

We integrate visual imagery and thoughtful design into different texts of the Bible.

We’re interested in how imagery changes the way you experience the text. Art allows us to ask questions and reflect in ways we wouldn’t on our own.

Craftsmanship matters, too. Our books are lithographically printed, on a 15 pt cover with soft-touch aqueous coating and 80# uncoated text. It’s printed in Hong Kong. Simply put, it’s the best quality out there.

Cultivating a more good and beautiful world.


Experiencing God goes beyond reading the Bible—it continues through the stories and thoughts of real writers, makers, and creators experiencing the world today. We use this space as a place of reflection on the creative and faith journey. We're all in this together. May it be a space of insight and learning and growing. Amen.